How to Install WhatsApp on PC, Easy Step by Step Tutorial


WhatsApp is one of the most popular cross-platform messaging app which allows you to send and receive SMS without any charges. Whatsapp has one of largest active user base of 300 million and around 20 million in alone India. WhatsApp can be used on any Smartphone Including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Asha platform, but what if you want to use it in PC? yes you can install Whatsapp on PC!

Install WhatsApp om PC or Laptop

How to use WhatsApp on PC? Installing WhatsApp on PC is very simple. Just follow below steps to download and Install WhatsApp on  PC or Laptop.

Requirement to use WhatsApp on  PC or Laptop:

  • A Laptop or PC with Windows OS
  • Working Internet Connection

How to Install WhatsApp on PC:

Below I have listed Two methods to Install Whatsapp on PC, follow the easiest one for you.

  • Download and Install WhatsApp on PC using BlueStacks.
  • Download and Install WhatsApp on PC using Wassapp. 

Method 1: To download and Install Whatsapp on PC using BlueStacks

Step 1: Download BlueStack (free Windows Application)

Step 2: After Finishing the Download Double Click on Downloaded File, Click Continue, Click Install.

Step 3: Now Download WhatsApp APK File

Step 4: After Finishing the Download Double Click on Downloaded WhatsApp APK file.

Step 5: Now whatsApp will install in your PC.

Step 6: Now Open BlueStacks (Click on BlueStacks icon in your Desktop)

Step 7: Now in BlueStacks >> Click on My Apps.

Step 8: Now you’ll see WhatsApp >> Click on it.

Step 9: Accept Terms and Condition

Step 10: Type your Mobile Number in the Field

Note: First type your Country Code like 91 for India and then your Mobile Number

Step 11: Now WhatsApp will try to verify your number, but it will show fail message.

Step 12: Now click on Call Me >> You’ll receive an automatic / computerized call with a confirmation number, write down that number .

Step 13: Now type the received number in verification field and your done!

Enjoy WhatsApp on  PC!

How to Add Contacts to  WhatsApp ?

In Phone WhatsApp automatically checks for your contacts but in PC you have to add it manually. Follow below steps to add contacts in Whatssapp using Bluestecks.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp in Bluestack

Step 2: Click on Menu icon at the Bottom  top Right Corner



Step 3: Now Click on Contacts Icon



Step 4: Again Click on Menu Icon  Add Contact


Step 5: Click on Add Contact

Step 6: Fill the given fields with Contact Number and Name

Step 7: Click on Done.

To add more contacts Follow same steps.

Method 2: How to Download and Install WhatsApp on PC and Use it on Phone Simultaneously 

The Blustacks and Waasup methods are great for installing whatsapp on PC. However, one disadvantage of it is that you can’t use same Whatsapp account on PC and phone simultaneously. Either you have use it on your Phone or on your PC.

Now if you want to use your WhatsApp account on both PC and Phone simultaneously then here is how you can do it with the help of AirDroid.  Follow these to know how to do the same.

Note: You should have your Android Phone and Mac / PC connected to the same network.

Step 1: Download and Install AirDroid on your Android phone from the Google Play store.

Step 2: Create a new AirDroid account (Skip if you already have one).

Step 3: Next, tap on Enable button if AirDroid ask to enable real-time notification on your PC.

Step 4: Next, enable Android notification mirror and phone. 

Step 5: Next, download and install AirDroid on your Mac / Windows PC.

Step 6: On your PC, open AirDroid and sing in using the AirDroid account that use on your Android phone.

Step 7: That’s it. Now whenever you get a WhatsApp message on your Android phone, the message will also appear on your PC. You can directly reply and read the messages on your PC.

Update: Seems like the third method is not working anymore. Alternatively you can use Youwave to Install Whastapp on PC. Here is how to do it >> Install Whatsapp on PC using Youwave

Method 3: To download Whatsapp on PC using Wassapp Follow below steps

Wassapp is a unofficial Whatsapp client and It works for like the Android Emulator on Windows OS running PC. In the second method, we will be using Wassapp to install Whatsapp on PC.

Follow below steps to Download and Install Whatsapp on PC using Wassapp

Step 1: Download and Install Wassapp

Download Wassapp  (The link has been removed).

Step 2: After installing, open Wassapp and login using your Whatsapp username and Password. If you don’t have already created account then register.

Step 3:  Click on register button

Step 4: Now provide your Phone number and Password

Note: For an Android phone, the password will be same as its IMEI number. You can find the IMEI Number at the back of Your Android device under battery or by typing this code : *#06#

Step 5:  Now choose the mode of verification either by SMS or Phone call and press Request Code.

Step 6: Now if you have selected SMS then you will get a SMS from Wassapp with a code and if you have selected phone call then you will receive a computerized call with unique code, Note it down.

Step 7: Put the code you received by SMS or Phone call in Wassapp client and now you will get a computer-generated password and  you can use that password for login.

That’s it! Now you can use Whatsapp on PC and can send and receive SMS and messages for the added contacts. If you face any problem then let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this with your friends!

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  1. Seta Lefa says

    Hey for method two without bluestacks which link or website can I go to, please help, Thank u

  2. srija.n says

    hey…. i installed wassap and nw… i need to register right?? but, am not able to register …… i dont have an andriod mobile! so …. wifi-mac address i used. but, it says some error try again later. what shld i do now ????

      • Boyy says

        I got the same problem. I had no android phn. So had to use wifi mac address. The error came out saying ‘An error occured. Try again later”. with not error code number

          • HelterSkelter says

            If I want to use whatsapp with bluestacks on my PC, do I need to have a smartphone or can it be any phone.

          • HelterSkelter says

            Thx for the reply. I’m getting another problem. Everytime I add a contact and want to chat, I get 3 options of “reset”, “invite” and “SMS”. No matter what I choose, the popup closes and just pops up again when I want to message someone.

          • Mose says

            I have installed blue stacks in mini laptop Samsung n100sp windows7 professional ram 2gb, processor 1.6ghz windows experience index 1.9.
            the blue stacks remain loading endlesly when i try to open it. Whats the problem?

          • Mose says

            tashereef thanks,
            i have tried without success, is there further action or it have just failed!

          • says


            Try to disable to antivirus completely for for few minutes and then re-install bluestcaks again and make sure that your internet connection is working .

          • shubhi says

            I have installed bluestacks but on enable sync option its showing web page not available, i have windows 8.1 laptop with 2 gb ram. what shall i do to enable it. ? and use broadband as internet.

            I have also installed wassapp, but cannot register with it due to some errors.

            Please help. I need whatsapp application. I don’t have android phone.

  3. Rochelle Plomaritis says

    the bluestack app isnt working , it has downloaded and ive donwloaded whatsapp but nothing on the bluestack app is active doesnt matter where click

    • says

      Okay! Follow these steps

      Download Bluestacks and Install it completely ( Bluestacks takes few minutes to download completely )

      After installing Bluestakcs download whatsapp and double click on whatsapp APK.

      Wait till Whatsapp installs. Now open Bluestack and in My Apps you can find whatsapp

      Try these and let me know.

      • Rochelle Plomaritis says

        hi ther , i did al of the above but when i open whatsapp it brings up the bluestack home screen buutt, nothing is active or works except for the exit button on the bottom right of the screen,

          • Rochelle Plomaritis says

            unfortunately not as i have already uninstalled it all, it showed the blue stacks screen with all the diffrent pictures. synch settings facebook etc but nothing is active when you click on it

        • zeks says

          after installing bluestacks, my whatsapp cant install. although i have a strong internet connection, i always see apk couldnt install-sever error. pls can you help?

  4. Radhu Raj says

    i’m not able to run blue stacks as they couldn’t recognize graphic card in my system. how can I download whats app to my PC?

  5. shruk says

    hi i download a wassap but its not working i click to run bt. showing error the error was error reading setup initialization file so pls. help me wht to do??

  6. raji says

    hai……i installed bluestacks successfully.but i have a problem with installation of whatsapp on my is showing a server error, what should i do to install whatsapp successfully………

  7. simran jadhav says

    i installed wassap but while registration it is showing an error and i requesting to try again later

  8. ashish says

    hey…. i installed wassap and nw… i need to register right?? but, am not able to register …… i dont have an andriod mobile! so wht to do …and blue stack is also not working

    • says

      Wassap can only be used with already registered whatsapp account. No What if you don’t have android phone, You can even install whatsapp on Nokia Asha, Symbian, BB, iPhone and even on some basic feature phones.

      Which phone you are currently using?

  9. simran jadhav says

    my bluestacks is having some problem i tried to uninstall it but it is working!!plz help

    • says

      You mean it’s not working right?

      Have you deleted any files from bluestacks installation folder? Restart your PC and try again and see if you can uninstall it.

      Do let me know.

  10. Azlaam Waheed says

    i installed whatsapp and after i try to use my mobile num with country code it says check your connection , but my internet connection is fully ok

  11. manzoor ahmed says

    hiii…..i install bluestacks its opening i cant type whatsapp in search menu…can u suggest me abt this plzzzzz

  12. Rekha says

    i installed whatsapp using bluestack on PC and is working. Can i shift it from one pc to another pc. if yes how? Plzzzzzzzzz help

  13. Ishan Sharma says

    hey i installed Bluestac but unable to download anything i even re installed it but in vain pl help this is what i get when try to download anything

  14. Pradeep says

    hey…. i installed wassap and nw… i need to register right?? but, am not able to register …… i dont have an andriod mobile! so …. wifi-mac address i used. but, it says some error try again later. what shld i do now ????

  15. Guru says

    Dear Tashreef, thank u v much for writing this tutorial.
    i got stuck up after installing bluestacks n watsapp. i clicked on watsapp symbol n entered my phone number. it says, unable to connect, pls try later. I Do hv good internet connection, i tried it many times, aftr restarting also, same error msg is coming. Iam not able to find CALL ME icon thr in bluestack window. Pls guide me…..thanks a lot

    • says

      Hi Guru!

      Strange. You should get call me or send SMS button right after entering your mobile number. But be sure that you clicked on create new account rather then login.

      hope it helps.

      • Guru says

        i got error msgs like this
        no CALL ME or SEND SMS button.
        I dont rmbr wat i clicked on, create new acc or login.
        how to create new account now to rectify? u mean that i shud not use my existing gmail id but i shud make a new account wn bluestacks asks me to create new acc, is it??

          • Guru says

            i disabled my kaspersky, n tried again…still same msg is cmg. i tried multiple times aftr restarting also. still same: “unable to connect pls try again” msg is cmg. But my internet connection is working.all other sites r opening.

          • Guru says

            i installed bluestacks by gng to their website n installed BlueStacks-SplitInstaller_native.exe
            the one for pc
            ihv windows 7 in my laptop

          • Guru says

            i hv read most of the other comments and ur answers to al of them in this page. but i guess no one else got this prob here

          • Guru says

            even aftr entering someone else’s number, same msg is cmg “unable to connect pls try again later”
            my internet is active…i dont knw if the proxy server is not allowing this site…i might hv to do something thr…bcos this seems to b like its not able to connect to internet.
            not getting tht verifying number msg

          • says

            Do one thing. Download and install any VPN server on your PC and then try connecting to internet trough VPN. Once connected try to verify your number again using WhatsApp.

          • Guru says

            i was trying to download one vpn server..but most of dm r not free. can u pls suggest me any VPN server
            sry to ask u each n evry small thing…

          • Guru says

            i tried all Tashreef like, reinstalling bluestacks n watsapp, restarting, deactivation of my anti virus, even changed the internet connection frm my institute wifi to tata photon.
            still iam getting the same problem that i mentioned before “unable to connect, check status”
            i tried gng by wassup method. i installed that also, thn while trying to register a new account, wen i enter my laptop’s mac id, it says “an error occurred, try again later”

            btw thnx for taking ur time out n replying to my queries!!!

          • says

            Hi Guru.

            Try following these steps.

            enter your phone number in WhatsApp and when you get error message click on Cancel.

            Now enter someone else’s mobile number, press OK.

            If you get a message saying “We will be verifying the number” click on Edit and enter your number and again press ok

            Now if you get verification message again this time click on OK even if the message is showing someone else’s number.

            Wait for few seconds till you get your verification code. Once you receive verification code proceed with creating account.

            Hope this helps!

  16. vandamme says

    i installed both bluestacks and whatsapp but it keeps on asking for –email account and password. m kinda stuck now

    • tech says

      i m also facing the same problem. hav u any solution?
      i hav installed n uninstalled bluestack many times but each time i try to install, this loading screens stucks. please help me.

      • says

        This screen comes after installation and normally it takes a while to install completely. So kindly wait for few minutes before closing this window.

        Hope it helps

        • tech says

          no..this problem persisted even after i waited for hours… then i turned firewall off from my window as well as antivirus software(quick heal). then this issue was solved . now i m able to see menu n bluestck is working well…thanks a lot for ur this post…u r amazing

          • tech says

            one thing i wil like to ask u…can i use whatsapp from my android moblie as well as from my pc by bluestack simultaneously with the same mobile number? if not, then plz tell me how can i do this?

          • says

            I don’t think that you’ll be able to use same account on two different devices simultaneously. But give it a try and let me know if it’s working.

          • tech says

            its not working. when ever i verify on one device, whatsapp on other device is deactivated and a message is shown… it cant be used on two devices simultaneously with same number.
            can u find some solution or trick?

  17. Shivam Sharma says

    hii i just installed wassapp but when i register wassapp showing error error occured try again later…..

    • says

      Hi Shivam!

      New registration on Wassap in not working any more. So kindly create a WhatsApp account on your phone or your friends phone and use the same password and users name on Wassap.

      Hope it Helps!

      • Patel Ketan says

        hello tashreef..

        i want to use bluestacks but i have no graphics in my laptop.

        so while installationi error occurs. “”graphics problem””.

        what to do .

        please tell me a way to use whatsapp onn laptop.

  18. Dhanush K R says

    hi..i have downloaded bluestacks and it had whatsapp in it and i have installed the same..but i m not able to add contacts to address book manually as im not able to find the menu icon only!!its really necessary for me to join whatsapp as my college related notifications pass here and im not able to update please help me with this as soon as possible..the following image is what i get when i open whatsapp..please guide me clearly with next steps…thanks in advance

  19. Rohit Yadav says

    bhai i have followed the ways yu told but the shortcut of bluestacks is not appering on my desktop. what shoud i do now? my system showed for seconds in left down corner that whatsapp installed succesfully

    • says

      Not a Problem Rohit.

      BTW which OS your PC is running? if it’s windows 7 then type bluestacks on search bar and from the results click on bluestacks icon.

      if you have Windows XP then go to C drive > Program files and then find Bluestacks folder. Open it and double click on start Bluestacks icon to run it.

      Hope it helps!

  20. Arvind Bhave says

    I have received verification code but where to insert …no specific window appeared on screen that’s the problem… tried multiple times …at present ‘call me 22 hours ‘ appeared. please guide me

    • says

      Hi Arvind

      once you enter your phone number and press OK, you’ll see a box where the verification number has to enter. enter the verification code in the box.

  21. Rahul Badkul says

    hey Ravi hi

    I m having problem in installing Bluestacks. Is a new graphics card necessary for its installation. ?


    • says

      Hi Ziad!

      You can change your keyboard input language to your preferred one from language and region settings.

      If you are using Windows 7 then type language in search and click on language and region. Now click on keyboard and language tab > change keyboard and select any language from the list.

      you can also access it from control panel and by selecting region and language.

      hope it helps!

  22. Krishna chaitanya says

    Hey I just did it but its not working and saying that it has got error while registering and its not getting log in for the existing account.. when trying the password by my Imei Number

  23. Mohammad Minhaj says

    Hi bhai i installed wassapp in my pc and iam using windows lumia 720 and i can’t register and also i can’t proceed with my old whats app account so what i should use in password. It is always displaying error occured. I used my Imei no. in password also but of no use so plz help me

  24. Aneesh says

    now I am using watsapp on my pc,but I want to know that does it possible to make another account for watsapp chat in my pc.

      • clarkos kent says

        hey ., i installed whatapp with bluestack …. ! my question …. do i have to keep bluestack open ? or i will get a notification like on phone ? …cuz… after i close bluestack …..i don t receive any notification….until i open it again … ? so i did something wrong ? or this is the way.. ? i have to keep bluestack open ?

  25. clarkos kent says

    hey ., i installed whatapp with bluestack …. ! my question …. do i have to keep bluestack open ? or i will get a notification like on phone ? …cuz… after i close bluestack …..i don t receive any notification….until i open it again … ? so i did something wrong ? or this is the way.. ? i have to keep bluestack open ?

  26. Malik says

    Assalaam Alaikum Tashreef bhai.. yu doin gud work.. n my question is I am using whatsapp in my Nokia E 63 comfortably.. but my question is can i use the whatsapp in pc with same contact number? I hav Bluestacks and even whatsapp in PC.. but i am afraid to feed my cell number dere.. so plz help me.. can i use d whatsapp in pc as well as in cell phone on a same contact number? or my phone whatsaap will be deactivated if i instal in pc?

  27. ramitansh says

    I want to install bluestacks but it says that your digital signature is invalid what to do ??

  28. Tonia says

    Hi. Please help me. I’ve installed it but after I sign up and verify and I click the icon after it’s done, I have to sign up AGAIN and the same thing happens AGAIN help please

  29. Tonia says

    (Wassapp) When I register and enter the IMEI number it says an error occurred please try again later :( I tried for 2 different number and it’s the same problem :( I dont know what to do, please help

  30. prashant says

    hi….error 2500 occured while installing bluestacks ………so nw what can i do to solve this…………..diplay message…graphics card not me bro

  31. sarfraz says

    what will be the identification code for java (nokia asha 200) phone while registering wassapp?

  32. star libra says

    plz tell me k mene abhi whats app insttalled kia hy windows 7 me lekin jb blue stack khol rhin hn to lodding ho rhi hy kafi late ho gya mgr abhi tk loding hi ho rhi hy ap btao me ab kia kron

  33. Richard Mora says

    You FUCKING ASSHOLE. Your links are nothing but spyware and browser hacking garbage. Your fucking indian ass should be thrown in jail along with the many rapists from yoru country. ASSHOLE.

  34. Vignesh says

    hi i hav installed watsapp by bluestack but i cant attach image and video audio in watsapp chat frm my pc.. any solution??

    • Grv Garg says

      you need to connect your phone whether it is android or not but a phone should be connect and image should be in phone

      else ‘

      download images by using whats app in your computer mean browser from bluestack

  35. Saurav says

    Hi Sharef,
    I am trying to install Bluestacks on my PC,but I am facing some issues, Screen is getting stucked at the verifying dependencies screen. Kindly let us know the solution.

  36. shikha maishra says

    hello@tashreef:disqus…… i have downloaded bluestacks. then i installed watsapp bt now i guess after 1 month , watsapp stoppd responding…….
    i mean i used to click “start bluestacks” then it opens an environment of bluestacks bt wen i click “whatsapp” it nver opens….plz help me out…..

  37. Harish Gorantyal says

    Hi Mr.Tashreef, Thanks for the info. Whatsapp is working on my PC but its not working on my smartphone. Can’t we use the same mobile number for smartphone and PC?

  38. nakul sasikumar says

    i downloaded bluestacks many time.. but.. its showing its already installed in the machine.. but i can’t find it.. i deleted everything.. but again this message is showing. help me..

  39. sagarika gupta says

    hey…hi…!!! i have…downloaded youwave…its working also!!!! but i am not able to put the status and profile pic!!! plz tell me how to do that!!!

  40. ash says

    Hii..I have successfully installed bluestacks and whatsapp. I m facing problem while verifying my number. Its showing “Unable to connect, Please try again later”.What to do??

  41. says

    everything went well but when i connect on my laptop it switchs off my phone conection on whatsapp…please …any help on this?…i want to have it on laptop and mobile at the same time…any way to do this?

  42. Md Faiyaz Alam says

    i have downloaded the wassapp but in the installation process it gives an error.the error is
    there’s an internet connection problem,please try again later.
    what i do?

  43. Riyaz M.D. says

    I installed wassapp on my PC, but after starting it, it asks for my existing account to login or create a new one. After entering my phone no. and IMEI no. as password it says either the no. or password is incorrect. When I try to create A new account it says an error occurred try again later. What should I do? I enter the

    IMEI no. of only one slot on which my SIM card is plugged and not the empty one. Am I right or should I enter both the nos. secondly, should I also enter IMEI SV no. also or just the IMEI no.?

  44. amitesh jha says

    hi Tashreef,I hav dowloaded bluestack and whatapp apk file ,but when i have double clicked on APK file adobe file is not supporting. what to do now?

  45. sudharsan says

    hi, i installed wassapp….every tym whn i try to access it for creating account, it says an error occure.plz try later..!|

    Any solution..?!?

  46. Yogender Singh says

    whenever i tried for SMS alert below notifications come down,

    An error occur try again letter.

    so pls help to resolve it.

  47. Grv Garg says

    hi i can not install because it slow my system as i need high speed system…but with wass app i cannot register …please suggest me something

  48. Yasmeen Yehia says

    help !>>>>i download both watssap didnot accept my IMIE as code ( my mop not smart phone ?) .. in the blue stacks i stop the antivirus and firewall but it still loading without appearing any of apps !!

  49. shahbaz says

    I installed wassapp on my PC, but after starting it, it asks for my existing account to login or create a new one. After entering my phone no. and IMEI no. as password it says either the no. or password is incorrect. When I try to create A new account it says an error occurred try again later. What should I do? I enter the

    IMEI no. of only one slot on which my SIM card is plugged and not the empty one. Am I right or should I enter both the nos. secondly, should I also enter IMEI SV no. also or just the IMEI no.?

  50. yash yin-yang says

    when i almost completed downloading bluestacks , it says something about my graphics driver update , if i try skipping it by hitting the cancel , then it pop ups again in the screen ….? what should i do please suggest me good opinions !!!yash

  51. ghbronner says

    Hey, my previous conversations are not showing. Is there a way I can sync them with the ones I have in my phone?

  52. Anıl Can Sedef says

    hey! i got an error from my phone. it says i can’t use whatsapp in two devices and demands another confirmation from my phone. but it keeps failing.

  53. Moreshwar Kulkarni says

    i am getting error 25000 while installing Blue stack and secondly error while logging wassup same error what Riyaaz MD Facing

  54. abhijit says

    I got the same problem. I had no android phn. So had to use wifi mac address. The error came out saying ‘An error occured. Try again later”. with not error code number

  55. mayur poojari says

    i have installed watsapp using bluestack but as i sav the contacts of my friends ts seems to be they r not on wats app even if they r using it i can only chat with those friends who i have sync using google+ please give suggestions regarding this problrm

  56. Farook says


    Thanks for sharing knowledge… I installed whatsapp and used it for couple of days…but now when I am try to open BlueStacks it still showing as Initializing and also facing slow system performance. Kindly fix this issue

  57. kinj says

    hi…i tried to download bluestack bt its showing failure in showing that it need 2gb physical memory it requore..what should i do…

  58. pranshu kumar says

    Hey… I install Bluestacks on my desktop(windows-xp sp3) it install success fully but only “Start BlueStack” is stored another “Apps-shortcut” is not install.
    when i click on “Start Bluestack” icon initially(First time during installation when i start) it stored some thing.. installation is successfully got over But after that when i click on “Start Bluestack” always “initializing” process is happening.
    I think during initialization it initializing “Apps” ie(“Apps-shortcut”) items that are not installed.

    Please….. Help me how to solve this problem.?

  59. vishal says

    Is there any way to use whats app in my pc with the same ph no that i m using in my ph.? I mean can i access one single account of whats app in both my pc and mobile..?

    • Tashreef Shareef says

      Hi Vishal!
      You can use same account on PC, but after logging out from your Phone. You can’t use same account on both the devices simultaneously

  60. CrimsonSun says

    If I don’t have a smartphone and I am trying to register my number on WhatApp on my friend’s phone(who himself has his account registered with his number), then is it possible to register on his phone (by logging out his account and then proceed)? Or there is something like you can’t register for more than 1 account from 1 handset?Please help…

  61. Jhon says

    Hello, I have Windows 7 and since I updated Bluestacks to the last version, notifications from whatsapp don’t show up anymore on desktop… I have to check Bluestacks constantly and it’s really disgusting. Is there a way to fix that or should I install the old version back?

  62. Onas says

    Hi Tashreef Shareef can i us whatsapp in my phone and desktop simultaneiously? in blustacks when i configured it on my pc immediatly my phones whatsapp will logout. bu in wassapp can i use it simultaneously??

    Thank you

  63. mohit says

    i downloaded bluestacks…everything has been downloaded …even whtsapp…bt add contacts option is nt der ..what should i do

  64. Mp Singh says

    Dear Tashreef,
    i need to use whatsapp on my PC and also use n message the gallery PICs/Videos from my PC to whatsapp users. I Installed the Whatsapp using Bluestack but unable to use the PC gallery in a effective way.
    Can we integrate whatsapp with PC / website legally
    Kindly advise


    I am not able to install Bluestacks in Windows XP… Why?… Please help me..!! :(

  66. Gaurav Rathore says

    Please find the attached pic. I am not able to installed this software facing this error.

    Please look into this.

  67. Erdinc Baysal says

    Hi, I’ve installed it succesfully, Thank you very much for the share.
    But I have a little problem. I am used to the AZERTY keyboard because i live in Belgium. Is it possible to change the QWERTY configuration to azerty? I didn’t find it…
    Thanks once again.

  68. says

    I have installed Bluestacks and entered phone number , verification code comes via SMS but now whatsapp shows blank screen in my PC ! How to put verification code ! there is no option there ! I have tried several times( close open whatsapp from my app store)

  69. Paul Hendrick Ferns says

    Hi, After instlaling bluestacks it says graphics card not recognized. I am using Acer Aspire4710 with 2gb ram and Core2Duo 2.0ghz processor. Wassapp files are being treated as corrupted or malware and being removed from my laptop by the antivirus. Please help.

  70. Vipul says

    hey can you tell me how to add contacts to my list in whatsapp…i tried the way you have mentioned ABOVE…its not working

  71. Harsh says

    Hi, I have already installed whtsap. But i want to know whenever i receive a image or video on whtssap where they stored on my PC.

  72. sheraz ashraf khan says

    You are really genius, I installed Bluestacks and its working very fine. Million Thanks to you. Regards,

  73. R i t i k says


    I have downloaded wassapp after heavy downloadings but now i dont have a account on wassapp and if tried to click on register button then it showed that an error occured ..pls try later ,,Pls tell how to continue that..

  74. sandeep says

    hey…before i was using win-8 an blue stacks was working properly. but now in my win-8.1 i installed virtual studio so i have activated hyper v .now i am trying to install blue stacks it shows me this.please help

  75. Gopal says

    I have install all thing but when i open whatsapp and accept this error come so please solve………..

  76. hiren says

    hi guys,
    i have problem in upload the photo with whats app,,,
    plz give me tips/////////////////////////////

  77. hemanta khatoniar says

    Sir, I want to download whatsapp on my lenovo laptop, Please help me in this regard.

  78. Samuël Visser says

    To bad, doesn’t work on miltiple devices. Not able to use on the Smartphne, and on the PC, and that was what i wanted…
    I know you can’t solve this issue, but it is maybe a good ideo to also mention it in this post.

    • jatin vasoya says

      hiii. i am also installed whatsapp , but during the verificeton
      they need to the letest version of the whatsapp . so how can i download a latest version .

  79. Raveendra says

    I’m unable to install WhatsApp.apk file after download. It shows an error as displayed in image attached. Pls let me know what to do ?

  80. Anindya Mallick says

    Hi, I have installed BlueStack and whatsapp in my PC. As suggested by you, connecting to my mobile number is getting failed, but there’s no call option. Please help

  81. Eddie Milotti says

    I did it with Bluestacks but then I cannot use it on my phone!!!! Can you use both computer and mobile with the Wassapp method ?

  82. David1990 says

    Worked just fine for me, althought it was a bit harder adding contacts :) thanks alot man!

  83. digboloy sarma says

    hello Sir, I can not instll bluestack ….. I hd downld that ofline app….but ican not instll it to my lpto ,having Intel pentium prcsr n os is w7…instltsn could nt start….. due to some system error occour… please help me si………..

  84. Akash Gupta says

    Hi Tashreef I have just installed wassapp on pc but i had no android ph so i am unablle to create my whatsapp account What should iDo .???

  85. Matthew Blott says

    It’s a bit slow to install but got it working fairly easily. I’m now chatting to my brother in Hong Kong. Thanks for this :-)

  86. Sulo Eraslan says

    hey guys it works perfect but i ve a problem . apps keyboards works with qwerty keyboard but i have an azerty keyboard its so stupid because it changes of places and i cannot type fast i also changed the settings to netherlants but it still didnt work . can u help pls ?

  87. yuvaraj says

    in blue stacks while opening whatsapp i m getting please download latest version… but after that i download latest version also again and again i m getting same thing… what i hv 2 do please tell me bro…….

  88. Saravanan P says

    i downloaded bluestacks and whatsapp file, i entered my mobile number and clicked ok,
    after that i receiving a dialog box shows download latest version of whatsapp.
    unable to proceed further,
    pls help me

  89. d_le_nen says

    Not only I ran into the “cannot recognize graphics card” problem, but I found, Bluestacks installs a bunch of definitely not wanted software on my laptop, which were not so easy to uninstall again. Waste of time for me.

  90. SANJAY DINKAR says

    Dear Sir.

    I had been using Whatsapp wusing bluestack on my PC for the last 1 year.
    On 2nd August I started getting message your Whatsapp version is quite old. please upgrade..On 4th August whatsapp stopped working. Now I can start bluestacks but whatsapp is not working. I tried to upgrade it through Mobile Market and Google Play also but it is not getting installed. I installed complete Blustack again but whatsapp is not working.
    I googled it and found that I should have google account..But mobile market or Google Play does not give me an option to verify my google account.
    Can you suggest me what can be the reason and remedies

  91. Cheryl says

    Wow just spent like half an hour installing this on my PC only to find out it won’t let me use it simultaneously on my phone. Please edit this article to include that fact!!


    hi frnds i hv installed wassapp on my lappy sony vaio touch windows8.1 svf15215snb model……thrw 2nd method shown above…also successfully registr my mobile first time on pc..i m enjoying whatsapp messages on wassapp ….plus points compare to smartphone 1. i receives all sms ..text,audio ,video,pics..2 also sends text,emotional cartoons 3 can add frnds mobile no ,delete ..etc…………..MINUS POINTS 1 unable to send pics,videos,voices ,..shows server prblems 2 dont see frnd profiles ,3dont make own profile window shows only receive sms ..send sms disappear automaically soon,later unable to see them… slowly responds,sometimes close itself automatically……………for help and queries email …… and fb

  93. Subhor Tyagi says

    when i m installing bluestack the error showing ” fail to install bluestack’ pls help

  94. Suespoon says

    help! I installed Whatsapp from Bluestacks but there is no icon for a menu to enable adding contacts! What now?

  95. shukri says

    hi….need a help. how to add contact for whatsapp….try follow the guide, but cannot do…

  96. Fida Saifee says

    I got some videos from my friend in whatsapp. But i am not able to download r play it.. It says unable to download video, when i click on the video.. Kindly help me with that. I am really gonna appreciate this..

  97. Ritu says


    I don’t know for what reason bluestack is taking so much time in installation. It seems like forever.

  98. Jabberwocky says

    hey hii guys small prob here….i have downlaoded and install blue stacks on my pc…it works..but some times it hangs up….nd i cant sent any images or videos….i am having only 1 gb graphic card and it is dead full of other games….hence plz tell me another way to run whats app without bluestacks nd which is little fast nd less graphic..';—

  99. Sahil Raj says

    whenever i installed bluestack in my PC then show it


    So Please can you tell me what do i do and how can i install bluestack in my pc

    • says


      Try installing Dotnet version on your PC and then try again with bluestack installation. A simple google search will bring up the download link for dotnet.

      • Sahil Raj says

        My computer has already been installed dot net file but still repeated the same line does show the Blue Stack


  100. contact me at says

    Hi Tashreef, i’ve looking for wassap and i found it but it won’t register, it’s technical probleme or just for my country ? (Morocco)

  101. ronald says

    i downloaded wassapp,but at de process of regirstation it shows “an error occured pls try again”.pls help me.i cant download blue stacks as i have only 1gb ram.

    • says

      Hi Ronald.

      Wassup has some compatibility problem hence try Bluestacks to Install Whatsapp on PC. Alternatively you can also use YouWave to Install for Whatsapp on PC.

  102. kevin says

    i downloaded Blue stacks n whatss app had no prob in doing tht or installing both but i cnt be able to add contacts to whatss app when i click on whats app a screen pop up saying > click here to invte friends but i dnt see tht menu button anywhere can u pls tell me alternate way to add contacts to whatsapp ?? thanks in advance

  103. Ahmer says

    Blue stacks is very heavy application and consuming approx 2gb ram and my system is getting very slow. please tell me another application to use whats up with consuming less memory

  104. vidhya says

    am not able to find the call button after giving the phone number in whats app.. Please help me to find.

  105. Dev Srivastava says

    Hi Tashreef,

    The WHATSSAPP APK file is not opening. Adobe Reader is unable to open it and a message flashes about incorrect decoding of the APK file.

    Please suggest what should be done.

    • says

      Hi Dev,

      You should open Whatsapp APK with Bluestacks APK Handler or Installer. After Installing Bluestacks, download Whatsapp apk. Right click on Whatsapp apk and select Open with Bluestacks APK Handler.

  106. priyanka says

    i am installed whatsapp on my pc sucessfully ,but how i add contacts or invite
    my friends on whats app plzz.. rpy guys.

  107. SAJIL says

    hai, I have installed the whatsapp but i dont get verification code in my mobile and only show message of connecting.

  108. Aisa says

    My bluestacks is showing Market error found what can i do? my fb account is openinga yet my whatsapp account is not opening

  109. awesh says

    sir i had installed older verion of bluestack frm soem where else b4 getting here…. i had installed tht bcoz for using bluestack with lower ram(mine is 1 gb only)… was insatlled successfully but it gave amsg for graphic problem and i cant download whatsapp for teh same in teh abv u had given for downlaod with no graphic card need so do it wil wrk with lower gb rab or i need more… kindly plz help

  110. Roberto says

    Hi, I got whatsapp on my phone, can I use the same account on my phone and my computer? or would it validate and just let me use one ?

    Thanks in advanced for your kindly support

    Best Regards


  111. Ankit Goenka says


    While initializing wassapp, it says “An error occured: Try Again Later ” repeatedly

  112. Manjunath koli says

    sir i instaled bluestack than i downloaded whtsa apk, so wat happens wen i click on that whatsapp apk

  113. devesh kumar says

    sir i m facing a problem in installing whatsapp ….after downloading bluestack when i open it and click on whatsapp then it shows market not found…please help me sir…

  114. suresh says

    its working. gr8. But please tell me how to sync my mobile contacts with this whatsapp web….

  115. says

    I installed BlueStack and then the WhatsApp. The WhatsApp doesn’t offer the Group Messaging. Reading further, I installed AirDroid on both PC and Phone. I was not asked or doesn’t know where/how to install WhatsApp. The AirDroid also only shows the Individual WhatsApp messages. No Group Messages.

    1. Do I need to install WhatsApp for AirDroid? How? Only on PC or both PC and Phone?

    2. Will be I able to schedule a group message after complying with your suggestions?

    Thank you.

  116. Hashim Ashraf says

    i have a problem …… whatsapp application do not add contact…… if i add any contact it do not show on message or call this contact……. please tell me what i do….?????

  117. says

    downloaded whatsapp but i am receiving this message on my PC “Couldn’t verify this phone. This is likely because you registered your phone number with whatsapp on a different phone….Verify.” I am using the same phone on my phone, if i verify am i not going to be disconnected from my phone?

  118. izzul says

    hai tashreef..i has inserted a wrong number in watsapp to correct that and use my correct phone number?

  119. kajal says

    i m using bluestack whatsapp. but frome 2-3 day i m unable to download or upload any imge in whatsapp. plz tell me the solution for this .

  120. jaya says

    i cant install bluestacks. laptop shows that it need 2gb physical memory but i cant understand it. can u suggest a solution for this?

  121. Rajesh Kumar says


    Link for Method two is given.. Click on Download Wassapp and save the file, then run it

  122. Hamed khan says



    Thank you very much. your explanation too good.
    WhatsApp APK with Bluestacks working well.

    Regards. HAMED.

      • Hamed khan says

        assalamualekum ,
        very good working whatsaap with Bluestacks . thanks you soo much .

        but i am not understand. when any photo or video come in Whatsaap how can i save in my documents or in any other folder ? please give me some tips.
        thanks and best regard.
        HAMED KHAN.

  123. raj says

    hi , my prbm is i cant update the driver card i am using wincows 7 . i follow the above rule but still it doesnt working

  124. Inderjeet says

    When we run WHATS APP on a windows PC, we unable to read file from windows pc, we can’t upload image from windows pc into wahats app. Please help me to solve out this problem.

  125. ONKAR says

    after accepting terms and conditions of whatsapp messenger it showing….
    Error retrieving information from server. [RPC:S-7:AEC-0 KFBP-VQ5K-P6MUI]

  126. Harshita.J says

    I have installed WhatsApp and have created an account.I want to know wether its free of cost or its payable.

  127. Vijay says

    Hi, Bluestacks is keep on forcing to pay $2 or install some applications. Is there any way to avoid this?

  128. JITENDRA YADAV says

    sir Downloaded WhatsApp APK file. is not installing

  129. JITESH GUPTA says

    I’m Install Blue stack then i Install wht’s app it’s error and show to server problem!
    Please guide me…..! I’m waitting your message

  130. M says

    Please tell how to access the whatsapp messages simultaneously both on the screen and on the mobile at the same time. After downloading bluestacks it works only in one device whichever after putting the verification code .

  131. M says

    thank you so much Mr.Tashreef for responding. but today when i tried to open Bluestacks is keep on forcing to pay $2 or install some applications. Is there any way to avoid this? –

  132. says

    HI .. I’m using whatsapp past 4 years in “iphone 4 n iphone 5″would i be able to use de same whatsapp on my windos pc..i waiting fr ur replay…

  133. Joy says

    I have an error like “Failed to install bluestacks” while installing bluestacks!
    What can i do now??

  134. Thomas says

    I was able to install Bluestacks however I currently dont have a working phone, so im not able to get the validating number. If I try using someone elses to receive the message it links to their account, switching the accounts again promtps that a text be sent, any suggestions?

  135. says

    I used to have whatsapp in my old phone but I couldn’t install it again in my new phone. it was working fine in my old phone yesterday, but now it shows that I need to install a new version which I couldn’t fined. please help. I alway use whatsapp as my primary chat app.

  136. gouse says

    plz…tell me i have no android phone..i have installed whatsapp application and browsed in many mo.after that it asks select android ammulator.which one i have to mobile is lg’s 2g mobile.i want to use whats app on my laptop.what i have to do plz,, suggest me…

    • says

      Hi, Start from installing Bluestacks on your PC. next download WhatsApp APK and install it. Enter you mobile and register on WhatsApp and start using whatsApp.

  137. Nekha says

    Hi, Bluestacks was running pretty good but from yesterday noon it is not responding…it is stuck up in initializing and some times just a blank screen is seen…i had also tried to report the problem but i couldn’t complete it…what should i do..?

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